Conference proceedings

Proceedings from the INFORUM conference (former INFOMEDIA) include all papers delivered since 1996.

Conference papers for year 1997

Císař, Jaroslav Catalogue of Books on Stock - the Czech "books-in-print"
Červenka, Rudolf Electronic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
Deißroth, Katri The Best of Both Worlds - Electronic Access to Microform Collections
Drier, Jim Java Technology & the Delivery of Ovid Full Text Information
Chalmers-Brown, Elaine UMI: The Answer Company
Karen, Vladimír Conference Opening
Psohlavec, Stanislav Librarians of All Nations, Unite!
Psohlavec, Stanislav HTML Forever …
Šilhánek, Jaroslav Scientific and Scholarly Information Methods Today and in the Future

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